Hear directly from Davis Polk CISO Richard Timbol on how simple Bandura is to deploy and maintain. Bandura makes it easy to block threats, handle false positives and protect your network.


"...Bandura is one of the easiest tech products in security I've ever deployed – we've significantly reduced time spent 'babying' firewall threat intelligence and recouped half a headcount a week..."

Block & Allow

"...It takes us a matter of minutes to block or allow IPs or domains – Bandura lets us protect our entire global environment with a one step process versus updating every firewall with that domain..."

False Positives

"...False positives are a nature of threat intelligence – Bandura helps us easily find false positives, 'allow' the IP or domain that is being blocked, and fix global problems in 5 minutes..."

Deploy & Maintain

"...Bandura helped us make sure that our high availability stayed high availability and did not add any latency or interuption to our architecture – it's a force multiplier that reduces time spent curating threat intel..."