Hear directly from Davis Polk CISO Richard Timbol on how putting Bandura inline between the Internet and firewall increases their threat intelligence capacity and makes their firewall more efficient. As a result, Bandura helps makes it easier for their network team to keep their systems from going down.

Firewall Efficiency

"...Having Bandura deployed inline between the Internet & our firewall allows us to take a load off the firewall from a threat intelligence perspective and frees up resources for the firewall to do faster SSL inspection..."

Threat Intelligence Capacity

"...Before Bandura, we were taking in public & government feeds but didn't have room for industry-specific feeds, Webroot / DomainTools, or what we examined through our own malware analysis..."

Network Benefits

"...My network guys are happy that we put Bandura in place – Bandura blocks 1.1B threats per month that don't hit the firewall resulting in firewall CPU & memory utilization efficiencies..."